About the OpenSubsonic API

The OpenSubsonic API is a set of improvements and extensions to the existing Subsonic API, designed to enhance the music streaming experience for users and developers alike. This project aims to address the limitations and issues with the existing Subsonic API and move forward in an open, collaborative, and secure manner.


The OpenSubsonic API has the following goals:

  1. Open and Collaborative: The specification is maintained through a collaborative effort, inviting contributions from developers across the Subsonic ecosystem. See the Proposals for Changes to the OpenSubsonic API Specification for details on how to contribute.
  2. Secure: All extensions must be proven to be secure, ensuring a safe experience for users and developers.
  3. Backwards-Compatible: Compatibility with the existing Subsonic API is maintained, allowing clients and servers that utilize the OpenSubsonic API to work with those that don’t, and vice versa.
  4. Optional Implementation: Each part of the OpenSubsonic API is designed to be optional, enabling servers and clients to choose which parts they want to implement or consume.

Key Features

The OpenSubsonic API enhances the Subsonic API by introducing the following key features:

  1. Server Identification: Clients can now identify the server name and version, allowing them to adapt to server-specific features.
  2. Improved API: Additions and clarifications to the existing API are introduced, enabling more advanced features and better user experience.
  3. New Endpoints: The introduction of new endpoints helps support a more secure authentication process.
  4. API Extension Indication: Servers can now expose their support for the OpenSubsonic API and its individual extensions.

Getting Started

To get started with the OpenSubsonic API, explore the documentation to learn more about the features and implementation process.

For developers interested in contributing to the OpenSubsonic API, visit the GitHub organization and follow the guidelines for submitting proposals and engaging in discussions.

Join the OpenSubsonic API community today and contribute to the enhancement and evolution of the Subsonic ecosystem, fostering a more enjoyable and feature-rich experience for users and developers.

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